Cold, Dark Earth


Well. Those of you who love zucchinis will be happy to learn that, while the first and largest batch of plants are reaching the end of their lives, the second batch are producing the lovely yellow zukes most of the box members got this week. I love courgettes (as the English call them; a word I refuse to give up), but I do understand the members might be a little tired. A couple of options:

This week I have been eating almost entirely home-grown: pasta or ramen with sauce made from courgettes, tomatoes, parsley, peppers. Pickled beetroot. Mmm.

As you may know, I’ve been growing the CSA potatoes at home rather than at Tucker House—I had the potatoes here when I really needed to get them in the ground, so I did. They are starting to turn yellow (the plants, that is), and I started to dig some up on Monday. Hence the title of this post—the soil was chilly! I was surprised, what with August only just departed. Of course, the last couple of days have been very warm and humid, but the plants know it won’t last. The potatoes look great, by the way. Those that I dug are sitting in a hessian sack in our basement. The rest will probably be dug this week—I was hoping they’d grow a little more, but… well, the plants seem to be pretty much done.

So, a few photos:

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