Summary – August 22nd – August 26th / Summer Camps 2022 (Theme: Pollinators)


We’ve made it! We’ve reached the last week of an extraordinary summer! The theme of the week was pollinators. Our days have been filled with scavenger hunts to find the various pollinators on the Tucker property. On Monday, during History Corner, the children learned interesting facts about the Tuckers’ heritage and their property. When we had a few hours of sunshine, the children had fun playing water games outside. 

As the butterfly is a pollinator that receives less praise than the famous bee, on Monday we discussed its importance. The group also created their own butterflies to then do an experiment to better understand the center of gravity of these species. On Tuesday, we made our very own bird feeders to attract a species that helps enormously in the pollination process. On Wednesday, we studied the life cycle of the butterfly. On Thursday, we created some beautiful hotels for bees. On Friday, we played a game to learn the names of different types of bees and wasps. In addition, the children planted flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators in small pots that they painted themselves. On the last day of camp, the kids had a visit from Nick, a beekeeper who is truly an expert on all things bees!

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