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Marie Veilleux 

Executive Director

After a long career teaching at the university level, Marie is facing the challenge of being the new Executive Director with enthusiasm! A resident of Clarence-Rockland, her priority is to increase the community’s awareness of the cultural heritage and environmental mission of Tucker House through an increased local presence.  Fencer, translator, traveler and mom, Marie has chosen a simple way of life and turns to history for answers.  She is hoping that Tucker House will benefit from her pedagogical expertise and experience and aims to pass on her passion for nature and sustainability.

Christine Desrochers

Bookings coordinator

Christine loves to connect with people, animals and our incredible Mother Earth. She has a profound respect and gratitude for everything our planet offers and these values were always at the heart of her career as a teacher. Moved and inspired by Tucker House’s historical significance, environmental mission as well as its contribution to the community, she looks forward to meeting and greeting guests and local visitors to help them discover the gem that is the Tucker House property. When not at Tucker House, Christine devotes her time to artistic pursuits, exploring nature, serving the dog community, as well as facilitating women’s circles.

Victoria Duval

Gardener, educational garden

Since early childhood, Vikki has always felt a deep connection and relationship with the earth. She joined the Tucker House team in September 2021 as our Seed Saving Garden Co-Ordinator, aka “The Onion Lady”, after showing great commitment and dedication as a cherished volunteer. She embraces the gift of fertile soil naturally and has been a successful vegetable and home landscape gardener for almost 35 years. She never tires of the joy and fulfilment of planting seeds and nurturing them responsibly and loves to help them develop into thriving, healthy, productive plants. Her overarching goal at Tucker House is to produce and harvest an abundance of organically grown, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds to be offered by Tucker House. With our team’s values and this vision in mind, she has already begun overhauling our current seed saving garden and envisions growth, beauty, and variety in what we will produce in the future. If on-site, Vikki will greet you with a warm, authentic welcome! She is pleased to advise others of our volunteer opportunities as she loves to share her passion and work with the community!

Paul Deschâtelets

Operation and maintenance

I love nature and I’m a good handyman! Paul has worked in the area for several years and will be seen out in the field tending to the property and house as well as meeting visitors!



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