The Art of Seed Saving


The silver lining to stay-at-home measures this season is that gardening has become a favourite pass time for many. The good news continues – now that you have invested in your garden, your garden will give back to you. Beyond the literal fruits of your labour, your garden’s natural cycles are inherently expansive and recycling. … Continued

Walk in the Woods


Looking for ways to destress and connect to nature? Tucker House invites you for a walk in the woods lead by one of our volunteers, Anton. Listen for the sound of birds, feel the wind in the trees, and get to know the diverse habitats that make up Tucker House’s forest. See you there! Date: … Continued

Pollinator Garden Grand Opening


All summer long our gardener, Eliane, has been hard-at-work converting a piece of fallow field into a full-fledge pollinator garden. Our garden features a wheel-chair accessible walking path that connects to the parking lot, a large stone wall and steps which wrap around a mound of native plants, and over 50 pollinator-attracting species. To celebrate, the … Continued

The Journey of the Majestic Monarch Butterfly


Have you ever wondered where Monarch butterflies come from and where they go when they leave your beautiful garden? Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly is one of our most important pollinators? Do you know how to spot them as tiny caterpillars? Would you like to know how you can help attract them to … Continued

Historical Tours


We are looking forward to sharing the history and heritage of Tucker House with you! The Tuckers were a prosperous family who settled in Clarence Point in the mind 1800s. These local industry leaders owned a successful brickyard, a dairy farm, a bank, a general store, and were also involved with the lumber industry. Want … Continued

Outdoor Yoga


Seeking ways to reduce stress and promote inner peace? Participate in the Outdoor Yoga series hosted by Tucker House! Maximum of 20 participants. Register using the link below!

Entomophagy Workshop!


Ever wondered what bugs taste like? Now is your opportunity to find out! During this workshop, we will learn about entomophagy—the practice of consuming insects—which promotes an environmentally sustainable, nutrient dense alternative to the farming and consumption of animal livestock. We will also be making our own cricket granola bars! This event will take place on … Continued



WE ARE HIRING! TWO POSITIONS for the summer Send cover lettre to with a cover letter and position applied for in the Subject line. Please write two paragraphs in FRENCH describing your last experience in that position. Education Program Planner: $14.75/hr, 280 hours (either full-time 35 hrs/week, 8 weeks or part-time over a longer … Continued

Earth Day 2020


For those of you who don’t know, today is Earth Day! Generally we would say the best way to pay homage to our great earth would be to spend the day outdoors, but that may not be feasible for a lot of us right now. Instead, Tucker House is encouraging you to celebrate by sharing some … Continued

We’re hiring!


WE ARE HIRING! TWO POSITIONS for the summer Send cover lettre to with a cover letter and position applied for in the Subject line. Please write two paragraphs in FRENCH describing your last experience in that position. Education Program Planner: $14.75/hr, 280 hours (either full-time 35 hrs/week, 8 weeks or part-time over a longer … Continued

Upcoming events – Winter 2020


2020 is Tucker House’s 150th Anniversary! To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we are hosting and attending a wide range of events and activities. See below for more details: DIY skincare workshop: February 18 7pm – 9 pm Ottawa Seedy Saturday: April 4, 2020 Join us at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre on Saturday April 4, 2020 between 10am … Continued

Green Initiatives: Solar Panels!


Tucker House’s mission is to: “promote sustainable living” here in our community. We do that through many different programming, events and even through our energy use! In the fall of 2010, Tucker House started to implement changes, as part of it’s Green Design Initiative to make the house a model of sustainability. One of the … Continued

Day 11: Reskilling Workshops


Day 11 of 12 Days of Christmas We have begun a new pilot program this fall – Reskilling Workshops! These workshops are geared towards teaching community members new skills that will help them lead healthy and sustainable lives!  This fall we hosted a pie making workshops using local ingredients and producing minimal to zero waste. … Continued

Day 10: Staff Testimonial


Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Meet Charlie. She has been a returning staff member for over 3 years. And has tirelessly run our legacy children’s camp each summer. What keeps her coming back? Here is what she has to say: “My three summers as camp director of Country Fun Nature Camp at Tucker … Continued

Day 9: Country Fun Nature Camp


Day 9 of 12 Days of Christmas Country Fun Nature Camp is our legacy program and has been running for over 50 years. It is a unique ecumenical environmental camp for children ages 5-13 that focuses on nurturing children’s love for our environment and everyone in it! What does a typical day in at CFNC … Continued

Day 8: Rent Tucker House!


Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Did you know that we rent out our historical house to the public? Less than an hour from downtown Ottawa, Tucker House is an ideal location for spiritual retreats, team visioning sessions, family reunions, weddings and more!  Guests have access to a fully equipped commercial kitchen, 3 bathrooms … Continued

Day 7: Volunteer Testimony


Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin Marie is one of our dedicated volunteers. She participated in the Tea at Tucker program this year by leading groups of the guided tour of the house. Her interest in history … Continued

Day 5: Eco-Education


Day 5 of 12 days of Christmas Tucker House’s mission is to inspire sustainable living. How do we do this? One way is by hosting class trips to our site! Our eco-education program is designed to complement the primary school curriculum while getting kids out of the classroom and into nature. Kids gain hands on … Continued

Day 4: Tucker House’s Arboretum


Day 4 of 12 days of Christmas Tucker House has a long history with trees, in the past trees were a source of economic growth and helped to shape the town of Clarence-Rockland. As time has progressed, the awareness around protecting and planting trees has increased and today, Tucker House Renewal Centre places a heavy … Continued

Day 3: Seed Saving Garden


Day 3 of 12 days of Christmas Did you know that Tucker House runs a certified organic, heritage seed saving garden? A perfect fit for a historic environmental centre! Seed saving preserves biodiversity and helps develop varieties better adapted to our soil, climate and local growing conditions.  Our seed garden was started in 2015 as … Continued

Day 2: The Tucker House Property


Day 2 of 12 days of Christmas Tucker House is home to  over 30 acres of property that features diverse ecosystems including meadows, mixed forests and wetlands. Our property gives us many unique opportunities to showcase biodiversity, teach others about environmental care, and offer visitors rest and rejuvenation in nature.  We are continuously developing educational … Continued

Giving Tuesday


Today is #GivingTuesdayCA, “a global movement for giving and volunteering taking place each year on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” This year marks the 7th annual Canadian Giving Tuesday. Monetary donations, volunteers and generous corporate sponsorships are the reason Tucker House is able to welcome over 2,000 visitors per year. We would … Continued

Ottawa Sustainability Tour


Did you know that Ottawa has a lot of inspiring sustainability features? We believe the most engaging way to learn about sustainability is to see how people are putting the principles into action right here at home. People in Ottawa are making a difference every day with small projects and big initiatives, we can see … Continued

Giving Gifts of Green Futures


Our staff, board, and volunteers are passionate about sustainability! With only a few part-time staff and lots of hope and heart, we put love and labour into our mission to inspire sustainable living. Just look at what we have accomplished this year alone! With your support, we: Gave mobile sustainability workshops to audiences of all ages … Continued

September is here!


September is here, and with it comes the knowledge that summer is almost over! We’re starting to see signs of fall around the garden already – beautiful goldenrod blooming in the hedgerows, trees beginning to turn colour, and a nip in the air in the morning that is decidedly un-summery. This time of year is … Continued

“Baby” Beets


CSA members will see a small bunch of beetroot in their boxes this week. They aren’t really baby beets at all, rather, they are bonsai beets. We’re not sure why their growth has been so poor; Lindsay had soil tests done at the start of the season, and all looked good. It could just be … Continued

Even Keel


After a pretty tough slog, it looks like we’re really getting on top of things! Today, Lindsay brought her sisters with her to the farm to help weed and plant, and I continued trimming and tilling up. The spring really did set us back, but we’re motoring now. Unfortunately the cooler weather—which I absolutely love, … Continued

Box 2 is done!


Well, I’m baked—like a potato, though thankfully not wrapped in tin foil. In case you hadn’t noticed—it’s hot out there!! It’s been a busy week, as ever. The garden is full of life, including plenty that we would mostly prefer to be elsewhere—wild turkeys and groundhogs, to name two. On the weekend, Lindsay built turkey-proof … Continued

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