Camp #2 – Theme : Pollinators

  • July 12th
  • July 14th
  • July 16th
  • August 4th
  • August 6th

Camp #3 – Theme : Fungi

  • July 19th
  • July 21st
  • July 23rd
  • August 9th
  • August 11th


Does your child love spending time outdoors? Are they interested in environmental issues? Do they want to learn more about the natural world?

Exciting news! Tucker House is hosting a single-day camp for small groups of children ages 7-12 offered in both French and English. Each camp will centre around an environmental theme that will help enrich your child’s understanding of science and the natural world.

Your children will learn and develop leadership skills, make new friends and get their hands dirty on a beautiful, historic 33 acre property right here in Rockland.

Through exploratory learning, camp attendees will discover what makes a successful garden, what plants need in order to grow, and how to identify various types of plants both in our pollinator garden and around our property. Children will come home with a crafted memento for their own garden to continue their learning adventure in gardening right at home.

*Please note that each day of the Pollinators Camp will host the same activities, however your child is welcome to attend as many sessions as they would like. The content of the camp will be the same no matter the date.

*Please note that each day of the Fungi Camp will host the same activities, however your child is welcome to attend as many sessions as they would like. The content of the camp will be the same no matter the date.

Please note that enrolment for our camps will be limited to 5-10 children to allow for social distancing and to keep our campers, their families, and our staff safe. We will require all visitors spending the day with us to complete a COVID-19 screening form online before they arrive.

We guarantee days that are full of beautiful and educational activities that will be beneficial for your child.

Schedule for camp #2

Here is a preview of a typical day at our summer camp :

  • 8:45 till 9:00
    • Drop off time
  • 9:00 till 10:00
    • Morning meeting
    • Icebreaker game
    • Nature story
    • Snack
  • 10:00 till 11:00
    • Guided hike
    • Scavenger hunt on the Tucker House nature trails & gardens
  • 11:00 till 12:00
    • Lunch time!
  • 12:00 till 1:00
    • Pollinator activity / craft
  • 1:00 till 2:00
    • Pollinator activity / craft
  • 2:00 till 3:00
    • Free play
    • Complete activities
    • Snack
    • Pick up time
  • 3:00 till 4:00
    • After camp day care*

*We decided to offer a day care service at the end of the day (after camp hours) to enable parents that are unable to come pick up their child at 3:00 to gain more flexibility to pick up their child later. (Additional fees will be applied).


Price per child : 35$. No special price will be offered even if you register more than one child. Regarding the day care service after camp additional fees of 10$ will apply.

How to register?

You can register your child by completing our Wufoo form. Please give us all necessary information to register your child for our summer camp. Please note that no payment will be accepted once you show up on the Maison Tucker House property. Please proceed to payment online.

After completing our form if you are unable to pay with PayPal, please make a e-transfer of $ 35 or $ 45 (if you are paying for day care service at the same time) to the following email :

All payments are non-refundable!
Camp #2 – Pollinators

Wufoo form for the 12th, 14th, 16th of July & 4th and 6th of August (35$)

Wufoo form for day care service (10$)


Wufoo form for the 19th, 21st, 23rd of July & 9th and 11th of August (35$)

Wufoo form for day care service (10$)

Please note :  After filling out the form and proceeding to payment you will receive a confirmation email to thank you. You will receive another email containing a list of necessary items you should put in your child’s backpack before his arrival on the Maison Tucker House property.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us by sending us a message on Facebook or by visiting the Contact page of our website to reach out to one of our staff members.


Click here for the latest COVID measures for Prescott-Russell (Tucker House).

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