Workshops & Tours

Children need sunshine, rain, and dirt to grow! Bring your class, scout group, or family gathering out for a guided tour to see the magic of the forest and other rare and amazing eco-systems, such as an old growth forest and an alvar! (What’s an alvar? You’ll have to come to find out!)

While you’re here, engage in our fun eco-smart learning activities.

Guided Tours – $50

Nature Walk (1hr) – Explore and connect with 5 ecosystems. Look waaay up an old growth tree, catch a tiny water creature, and discover how you are a part of nature too!

History Tour of Tucker House – Explore the grand old manor and the businesses that the Tuckers created using local materials. Compare your life today to their life back then and learn how you can live well, with less energy and waste!

Eco-Smart Workshops – $125

Healthy For for Me, Healthy for the Planet – Learn the 5 N’s of healthy sustainable food. Hunt for healthy foods to crack the secret code.

Get Energy Smart – Learn what energy is, where it comes from, and how electricity sources affect the planet. Fight the energy vampires and find the phantom loads.

Simple Living – Learn about the life-cycle of impacts of buying stuff. Reflect on what really makes you happy.


All offerings are available in French and English.

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