Day 4: Tucker House’s Arboretum


Day 4 of 12 days of Christmas

Tucker House has a long history with trees, in the past trees were a source of economic growth and helped to shape the town of Clarence-Rockland. As time has progressed, the awareness around protecting and planting trees has increased and today, Tucker House Renewal Centre places a heavy emphasis on protecting the trees which currently live on the property. With support from Tree Canada & TDFEF, Tucker House was able to transform an empty field into an arboretum this year. We planted over 80 trees – all edible & native Canadian species. 

This year, we had students, teachers, volunteers & campers participate in establishing and caring for our trees in the arboretum. Some planted, others watered and all enjoyed learning about the important role trees play in our ecosystem. 

We need your help to make sure these trees continue to grow healthy and strong so that others may continue to learn from them, find rest among them or make a home in them.  

Consider donating today to adopt a tree in our arboretum! Your donation will go towards the ongoing care and maintenance of a tree! 

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