Day 5: Eco-Education


Day 5 of 12 days of Christmas

Tucker House’s mission is to inspire sustainable living. How do we do this? One way is by hosting class trips to our site!

Our eco-education program is designed to complement the primary school curriculum while getting kids out of the classroom and into nature. Kids gain hands on experience through planting trees, saving seeds, and exploring biodiversity in the forest. 

This year we had over 400 students participate in our eco-education program! 

Here is what one group had to say about their visit!

“ It was a pleasure to visit Tucker House. The team was warm and welcoming and led us through 3 outdoor workshops. The children learned to appreciate nature, respect nature, listen to the animals that lived there, to work in the garden and to understand the effort needed to grow our crops. What beautiful creativity! The activities exceeded our expectations.  The children learned a lot from passionate volunteers who care for the environment and the beauty of our region.” 

This program is so essential to helping us achieve our mission. But, the costs to plan and run the program are high. Donate today to help sponsor a class field trip.

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