Staff that don’t work with us anymore but will be remembered for it.

Fond farewells to our recent staff:


Melanie Anderson

Bookings & Operations Manager

Melanie began her role with Tucker House back in 2018 as a Deputy Director. In this position she helped develop new programs, find funding for the organization and increase our organizational capacity. Later, she transitioned to Bookings Manager and through her hard work, has been able to double the amount of guests Tucker House is receiving on a yearly basis. We thank Melanie for her work at Tucker House!

Corey Stewart

Deputy Director – Summer Programs

Corey is a lawyer with a background in drama and a passion for sustainability. She will be returning to school for a research Master’s in Global Sustainability and Environment Law (LL.M.) in September 2019, where she will research circular economies. In her spare time, Corey plays a blue guitar and works to discover the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie.

TJ Turenne

Deputy Director- Programs

TJ is a BC transplant who is looking forward to his first ‘real’ Canadian winter this year! He is a graduate of Commerce from the University of Victoria with a background in experiential and environmental education working with organizations such as Parks Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation. He brings to Tucker House his love of the outdoors and a passion for inspiring youth to champion sustainable living.

Kara Stonehouse

Consultant: Collective Impact projects

Kara believes that a strong community organization like Tucker House thrives when the community shares a grand vision together considering the past, present and future.  Drawing on her international travels to eco-villages, and her masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability in Sweden, Kara leads by creating and sharing the vision of Tucker House with the community.

Kara grew up on the Madawaska river in Arnprior, Ontario and enjoys living close to her family in the Ottawa Valley with her husband and young daughter. To stay grounded, focused, and connected, Kara practices yoga, meditation, and Reiki. Kara has Christian heritage (her Grandfather was a minister) and a loving appreciation for all faiths, and looks beyond ideologies and behaviours to see the heart and core of people and their best intentions.

Kara also runs her own organizational consulting business, AHA! Graphic Facilitation. She has experience co-ordinating and delivering a national sustainability champions program with Natural Step Canada, and has lead visioning sessions and/or offered graphic recording services for many environmental non-profit organizations including the Sierra Youth Coalition, Students on Ice, and River Keepers.

Tobias Bell

Tobias Bell was our Bookings and Operations Manager from 2007 – 2016 and brought a range of experiences in a variety of fields including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction, manufacturing… and Tai Chi instruction. Tobias has moved on to other adventures in the Prescott-Russell region and we thank him for his many years of teamwork with us.

Why Tobias worked at Tucker House:

Life is a network of relationships. It is apparent to me, in the early days of the 21st century, that the human race needs to take a long look at the kind of relationships we have; with each other, with spirit, and with our planet and the other beings that share it. I am happy to be in a place where, if only in a small way, that kind of examination and exploration is encouraged.

Victoria Woodhouse

Research and Program Co-Ordinator

Victoria is our Clean Tech intern who helps with all the multifaceted work at the head office and at our Rockland site! She supports the overall management of the day-to-day operations and provides outreach within the community. Victoria has recently moved to Ottawa after completing her MSc in Social Justice, Development and Health in Scotland and will use her learning to aid in the leadership and development of Tucker House programs. Her extensive experience in fundraising is an asset in securing funds for the numerous projects we coordinate.

Rebecca Smithers

Confederation History Researcher

Did you know Tucker House is a Confederation-era building? Rebecca’s MA in Public History is perfect for her work in making our primary documents and artifacts interesting and accessible to the public through research and development supporting creative, engaging history programming – on multiple projects! She also accesses other Ottawa institutions in her research. Rebecca has also trained youth volunteers on how to protect and use these materials to teach children, youth, and the public about Canada’s 150th.

Alan Armstrong

History Mystery

Alan’s experience with Applied Museum Studies and knowledge of the Tucker House artifacts and history is a great fit for figuring out what to use for our new history program… and we appreciate his care in conserving these items!

David Siebert

History Mystery Development

David is part of the creative team working on innovative history adventure programs. Currently he is working on the Confederation mystery game, as well as putting the polishing touches on other historical mystery games. He’d love to tell you more… but they are mysteries.

Emma Walker

History Mystery Development

Worked on history mystery programming and research with us last year. She helped out with some History Mystery development early this spring, before leaving or an archeology dig in Italy, but none of us are jealous. She’ll be rejoining our Rockland team this summer.

Alex McGill

Local History Researcher

Alexandra is a local history researcher for Tucker House.  She researches the history of the Tucker family and Clarence-Rockland while she helps develop and run the History Mystery programs. Alex also attends the University of Ottawa, majoring in History and Political Science. Both have developed her skills in research analysis and presenting information which are important for her role.

Leslie Crone

Program & Tourism Promoter

Leslie has been a past volunteer at camp and knows our site and program well, and has excellent communication skills as well as confidence in public speaking, which is good since we had her go to a media event her second day on the job…and also helped at the eco-ed conference. Her position is about reaching out in Rockland and area. Because she has experience with drama, history studies, and other cool stuff, she is also lending ideas and storytelling to the History Mystery. Leslie supports work on development to ensure we have great programs and great audiences to appreciate them!

Veronica Penny

Lead Program Coordinator

Veronica works as the Co-Director of CFNC and helped plan/run training and camp. She’s a big fan of paperwork and can often be found shredding things gleefully or sorting emails until her eyes bleed. After camp is over, she is continuing on as history animator for History Mystery! When not working for Tucker House, Veronica spends most of her time teaching/lifeguarding/team-leading/swimming at the YMCA in Rockland. Aside from working 8 days a week, Veronica is starting her second year at Carleton for Criminology with a minor in Sociology.

Erin Whittingham

Children’s Camp Community Networker

Erin is hard at work promoting and scouting out donations for our nature eco-camp for kids and helps deliver environmental education for youth and campers. She also connects with community partners to help build our network of support for healthy outdoor programming. Additionally, Erin supports other programs and projects, such as youth-led garden activities and communication materials for our organization.

Jacob Baker-Kretzmar

Communications & Website Development

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