Summary – August 8th to August 12th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Gardening)


The second week of gardening camp at Maison Tucker has come to an end! A new week on the property always allows the discovery of new treasures: plantsflowersanimals and even insects. The children worked hard this week to create their own art out of branches, leaves, and other plants they found during their walks. On Wednesday, they swam and played water games the rest of the week to cool off after a day in the sun.

On Monday, our campers created mini terrariums. On Tuesday, the children learned to reuse an object that is usually found in our blue bins. Using halved plastic water bottles, they planted wildflower seeds. On Wednesday, we again reused an object that normally ends up in the trash. This time, we made bird feeders out of toilet paper tubes! On Thursday, the campers used different leaves to create works of art. They also used guides to identify the leaves they had in hand. On Friday, the group learned to identify the different parts of a plant and a flower. Friday was a busy day as they also made fairy gardens and had a visit from our special guest Victoria. With nearly 35 years of gardening experience behind her, Victoria is one of the reasons our gardens at Tucker House are as beautiful as they are. We are very lucky to have had a workshop with her!

See you next week!

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