Summary – August 8th to August 12th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Gardening)


The second week of gardening camp at Maison Tucker has come to an end! A new week on the property always allows the discovery of new treasures: plants, flowers, animals and even insects. The children worked hard this week to create their own art out of branches, leaves, and other plants they found during their walks. On Wednesday, they swam and played water games the rest of the week to cool off after a day in the sun. On Monday, our campers created mini terrariums. On Tuesday, the children learned to reuse an object that is usually found in our blue bins. Using halved plastic water bottles, they planted wildflower seeds. On Wednesday, we again … Continued

Summary – July 11th to July 15th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Gardening)


Our second week of Grow Green Camp has come to an end, and what a week it has been! The children spent time exploring the 33-acre property as a group with various scavenger hunts. They discovered that Tucker House has indeed many treasures : plants, flowers, animals and insects! To honor the heritage of the site, on the first day of each camp week, the children spend time playing games that kids would have enjoyed from that era; like the game of graces or the cat‘s cradle. In the afternoon, the campers thoroughly enjoyed playing water games to cool off after a morning of exploring outside. As the activity of the week, the campers worked on … Continued

Summary – July 5th to July 8th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Pollinators)


The first week of Grow Green Camp at Tucker House was filled with activities and smiling faces! In the morning, our campers spent their time in our gardens and in the forest doing scavenger hunts. They found bees, habitats of certain pollinators, and a variety of colorful plants that attract our pollinators. To cool off in the afternoon, we played several water games. Throwing the bucket of water over the head of the counselors (with permission) was definitely a crowd favorite! On Tuesday, the children were able to paint their own “bee baths”, while learning that bees not only need flowers, but also a place to rest and hydrate. On Wednesday, they created butterfly life cycles with bits of nature they found themselves during … Continued

What’s new at CFNC? Presenting Wild Wonder Camp! (virtual)


What’s new? Wild Wonder Camp! This summer Country Fun is running as Wild Wonder Camp, a partnership project in collaboration with several organizations to offer an “online, outdoors, & more” program for families wishing to join from home or by the lake. Short zoom sessions feature science experiments, Montessori-inspired faith “worship & wonder” stories, and … Continued

Camp #3 summer 2021


Registrations now available. Register to our Camp #3 Theme : Fungi Dates : 19th, 21st, 23rd of July & 9th and 11th of August Click here  :

Camp #2 summer 2021


Registrations now available. Register to our Camp #2 Theme : Pollinators Dates : 12th, 14th, 16th of July & 4th and 6th of August Click here  :

Camp #1 summer 2021


Registrations now available. Register to our Camp #1 Theme : Gardening Dates : 5th, 7th, 9th, 26th, 28th July Click here  :

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