Summary – August 2nd to August 5th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Pollinators)


We’re at the halfway mark in our summer, but the smiles on our campers’ faces have not gotten any less bright! This week’s theme at Camp Grow Green was pollinators. Since we had a bit of rain this week, we had a mix of scavenger hunts outside and inside the house. The kids had as much fun spotting the different pollinators on our property as they did spotting the photos of the Tuckers on the walls of the house. We always spend time on the first day of camp exploring the heritage of the Tucker property. So on Tuesday, our campers played games that kids from that era would have enjoyed. On Wednesday, the group spent over an hour around the pool; swimming and having fun with friends. For the activity of the week, the children used their imagination and dexterity to make various structures or works of art with loose parts of nature found outside. 

On Tuesday, for the day’s activity, the camp painted bee baths and then learned about their importance and usefulness in a garden. On Wednesday, campers did an experiment with Cheetos to understand the pollination process accomplished by bees. On Thursday, they made seed bombs to be planted to attract pollinators to their own garden. The children also explored the concept of center of gravity on Thursday. Using butterflies they made, and coins, they were able to balance their butterflies on their noses! On Friday, our campers created feeders for a pollinator as important as the others; the hummingbird. Nick, a local beekeeper who takes care of our bees at Tucker House, was the special guest on Friday. We always learn so much from him! 

See you next week!

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