Summary – July 11th to July 15th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Gardening)


Our second week of Grow Green Camp has come to an end, and what a week it has been! The children spent time exploring the 33-acre property as a group with various scavenger hunts. They discovered that Tucker House has indeed many treasures : plants, flowers, animals and insects! To honor the heritage of the site, on the first day of each camp week, the children spend time playing games that kids would have enjoyed from that era; like the game of graces or the cat‘s cradle. In the afternoon, the campers thoroughly enjoyed playing water games to cool off after a morning of exploring outside. As the activity of the week, the campers worked on garden construction projects with loose parts found around the property.

With Monday‘s Water Filtration Experiment, our campers learned the importance of having plants in the ground for the groundwater filtration process. Tuesday, we planted mint in our own pots! On Wednesday, with the “rainbow celery” activity, the children observed how the little “vessels” in the stalks of celery carried water and color to the leaves. They were able to observe the color changes throughout the next two days. We must note, however, we think the highlight of everyone’s Wednesday camp day was rescuing a bird! On Thursday, our campers worked on cards which they decorated with the crushed plants they had used for the water filtration activity earlier in the week. On Fridaythey discovered the different parts of plants and flowersexploring these in our gardens at Tucker House. As a special guest this week, we had Éliane who led our Grow Green Club during the school year. Her vast knowledge of the wonderful world of gardening was welcomed by our young campers. 

See you next week!

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