Summary – July 5th to July 8th / Summer Camp 2022 (Theme : Pollinators)


The first week of Grow Green Camp at Tucker House was filled with activities and smiling faces! In the morning, our campers spent their time in our gardens and in the forest doing scavenger hunts. They found beeshabitats of certain pollinators, and a variety of colorful plants that attract our pollinators. To cool off in the afternoon, we played several water games. Throwing the bucket of water over the head of the counselors (with permission) was definitely a crowd favorite!

On Tuesday, the children were able to paint their own “bee baths”, while learning that bees not only need flowers, but also a place to rest and hydrate. On Wednesdaythey created butterfly life cycles with bits of nature they found themselves during their walk. On Thursdaycampers got their hands dirty making seed bombs. Finally, on Friday, the children built their own “bee hotels. The week ended with a visit from Nick, a local beekeeper who takes care of our bees here at Tucker House. Nick gave us an engaging and interactive presentation, answering all of the kids‘ questions about bees!


See you next week!

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