Day 3: Seed Saving Garden


Day 3 of 12 days of Christmas Did you know that Tucker House runs a certified organic, heritage seed saving garden? A perfect fit for a historic environmental centre! Seed saving preserves biodiversity and helps develop varieties better adapted to our soil, climate and local growing conditions.  Our seed garden was started in 2015 as … Continued

“Baby” Beets


CSA members will see a small bunch of beetroot in their boxes this week. They aren’t really baby beets at all, rather, they are bonsai beets. We’re not sure why their growth has been so poor; Lindsay had soil tests done at the start of the season, and all looked good. It could just be … Continued

Box 2 is done!


Well, I’m baked—like a potato, though thankfully not wrapped in tin foil. In case you hadn’t noticed—it’s hot out there!! It’s been a busy week, as ever. The garden is full of life, including plenty that we would mostly prefer to be elsewhere—wild turkeys and groundhogs, to name two. On the weekend, Lindsay built turkey-proof … Continued

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